Bullet Racing Engines

Bullet Racing Engines


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AwesomeEngines® builds all levels of race engines but the Bullet Series have fundamental issues of sound engine building. Solid short blocks with upgraded crank, rods and pistons as well as all other internal engine parts. We build the best.


In racing, cylinder heads offer the best of both areas and produce the most cost effective power you can purchase. Great price, high quality and these engines can be built from 8:1 Pump Gas, E85, Street or up to 15:1 Drag Racing engines. Pump Gas Drag Racing is here and needed to be considered with pricing of fuel! In racing, the does not mean 2nd best, you just gotta be there till the end to win.


Chevy SB-LS-BB, Ford, SB-BB, FE, Mod, Mopar SB-BB Oldsmobile and Pontiac are all available as well as all custom engines


Engine Freshen Up Special $2895.00

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