Bullet Rotators

Bullet Rotators are the 2nd best in the business only using K1, Manley or Molnar 4340 cranks, Callies Compstar, K1 Steel Billet, Manley or Molnar Rods Connecting Rods with ARP2000 Rod Bolts, Wiseco “Quick” 8 and 16 Pro Series Pistons for u to 15:1 high compression race gas depending on Combustion Chamber, Bore, Stroke, Head Gasket and Deck Height, Total Seal Hell Fire, TNT or SS Rings, Race Series ACL, King or Mahle-Clevite Bearings


Bullet Rotators can be made for 7-89-91-93° pump gas with custom JE or Wiseco “Quick” 8 and 16 lower compression pistons in any deck height, ring or bore size upon request


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