Bracket Racing Engines

Bracket Racing Engines


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Bracket Series Racing Engines are the most competitive line of high compression race engines that are not over priced. High quality internals and cylinder heads and can be built for 8:1-11:1 Pump Gas, E85, Street or Drag Racing engines up to 15:1 compression. Pump Gas and E85 Drag Racing is here considering the cost effectiveness of pump gas verses racing fuel.


Bracket drag racing is by far the most popular form of racing today. While all types of racing have a similar set of core requirements, Bracket racers differ in that their requirements are usually as follows:


CONSISTENCY • Reliability • CONSISTENCY • Durability • CONSISTENCY • Repeatability • CONSISTENCY • Affordability •


New for 2014; A Competitive Line of “Basic” Race Engines with Rock Solid Internals for budget situations. Applications will be posted if we produce them.


Engine Freshen Up Special $2895.00

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