Racing Engines

Racing Engines

When it comes to racing engines, it is truly a scary ordeal to call someone you do not know, talk a little, then he wants you to plunk down your hard earned cash. I, Bill Cannon, owner and the man that does it all for all my engines. I have come to be known as one of the better racing engine manufactures you can trust. You always get exactly what you purchased and it will make the power it is supposed to. So many times we get calls from people who are not happy in that department. Some, can not even get within 100+hp of where their promised package is supposed to be.


We understand this and that is why AwesomeEngines® takes a lot of time with the customer to explain in detail what this engine will need to compliment it and allow it to run the “number”. I  always have  time to answer any and all questions and Bill is always the one you talk  with not a salesperson, engine assembler, helper or secretary. Bill Cannon does all the talking about the engine you want.


AwesomeEngines® has one of the best machine shops in the country for building race engines. We have purchased the B4250 4 axis Centroid CNC machining center the provides near perfect placement of every position of the block to within .0002″. Bore centers are near dead on as well as deck heights are always a true 45° from the cam and crank. We can re-cut a deck height .0002″ after everything is totally done and the machine will cut a perfect pass. We have checked this many times and is always dead on.


We probe every block to make sure it is a good block and will machine up perfectly. We have had to send many blocks back that would not even come close. Main cap rear main vertical position between the block and cap are a real joy to find out is not right when the crank will not turn after installed. Bore centers as far off as .060″ and given to an unsuspecting customer who thinks they have a great engine. Crank to deck surfaces we have seen as far as 1° off with new blocks. If you can not probe a block, you are just going off an already messed up foundation. The foundation of any engine is the block. Bore centers and bore angles are very important as well as lifter placements in the block. The “X” position does little but the “Y” position even if off .002″ will change your valve timing and lift numbers. We have seen these numbers off .020″ up and down on the “Y” position. We normally machine the lifter bore in the correct position to .875 or .904 and this corrects it and the engine will make more power every time.


Before you buy your next engine, ask the seller if he has a 4 Axis CNC BED MILL block machining center. If he does not, your getting 2nd rate engines because the the lack of the ability to do the block right. If he does not answer the question or says you don’t need that, he is not telling you the truth to get a sale. Its the same with an engine dyno, if he does not have one he can’t qualify your engine to have the power and all you get is a guess. Give us a call and let us prove we have the best engines available. There are good engine builders that are very capable of doing good quality CNC block work, just make sure they really have one before you buy it.

Engine Freshen Up$2895.00

Disassemble engine, inspect every component for wear or damage, check piston deck height, TDC Dampener
Disassemble cylinder heads, inspect for wear or damage
Check valves, valve job, valve guides seats for concentrically correctness
Check block, deck surfaces, align bore, all threads for perfection, plate hone with fasteners that were used
Hot Wash Block, Install new cam bearings, check cam fits, Paint outside of block with black hi-temp paint.
Hot Wash Clean, Stretch Rod Bolts out and in, Check rod ends
Hot wash crankshaft, magnaflux, check sizing and polish crankshaft
Assemble complete engine file fit rings, degree camshaft, check and adjust all clearances
Total Seal 1/16 1/16/3/16 Plasma Rings. H Bearings, FelPro head gaskets and all other gaskets
Assemble cylinder heads, check spring pressure, set spring heights and install new seals
Dyno test and adjust engine for AFR and power output, Actual dyno sheet Provided with all settings
We have not leaks, oil pressure is always perfect and we have no blow by because I know how to hone a block
Inspect removable mesh from oil filter to verify engine perfection
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