Racing Engines

Racing Engines

When it comes to racing engines it is a scary ordeal to call someone you do not know, talk a little, then he wants you to pull the trigger to purchase, salesman will say exactly what you want to hear! Bill Cannon the owner is the only sales person you talk to because they make sure the engine has got the entire combination needed to do exactly what you purchased for and make the power it is supposed to. A professional engine builder should ask what the engines purpose is for, weight, transmission, gear and if a power adder will be used. Very simple questions should be asked first then engine sale may happen.


We understand this and that is why AwesomeEngines® takes a lot of time with the customer to explain in detail what your purchased engine will need to compliment it and allow it to run the “number”. Bill is a professional and the only one you will talk to when you looking to purchase and engine. With 50+ years and still wants to make sure his product keeps getting better with new technology and advancements happening every year.


AwesomeEngines® machine shop and equipment needed to do it right is as good as any and better than most in the world for building race engines. With one of the better if not best B4250 4 axis Centroid CNC machining center that provides perfect placement of every blueprint position of the block to within .0002″. Bore centers are dead on and perfectly bored on 45 degree bank angles for perfect ring seal and the deck height is always square.


We probe every block to make sure it is a good block and will machine perfectly. We have had blocks so bad we sent them back when we found bore centers of 4.840 were  as far off as .060″. We purchased five high end blocks from one company when checked the already bore  for 4.600 final bored were low on the Y axis and up to .060″ off on the X axis bore centers. This makes piston to valve a mess and also one side of the bore is thicker. When sold to a customer that has no way of  knowing is wrong. Most engine assemblers do not check bore center placement because they do not know. Bore centers and bore angles are the most important placements that are critical for endurance and ring seal. Every AwesomeEngines block probed by Bill because he know way to do it but dead on.
Before you buy your next engine, ask the seller if he has a 4 Axis CNC BED MILL block machining center? If he does not your getting 2nd rate engine because the ability they cannot. If not, is the same with a dyno, if he does not have one he can’t qualify the engine or even know it will live. There are good engine builders capable of doing good quality CNC block work, just make sure they really have one and it is really dyno tested and tuned before you buy it.

Engine Freshen Up$2995.00

Disassemble engine, inspect every component for wear or damage, 1st; check piston deck height, TDC Dampener
Disassemble cylinder heads, inspect every component for wear with valve guide to concentric valve seat
Check valve guide and valves for wear; Red Dye, hand lap valve job let customer know
Check block, de-bur deck surfaces, align bore, all threads for perfection, plate hone with fasteners that were used
Hot wash: install new cam bearings, check cam fit, paint block with primer and black hi-temp paint.
Hot wash connecting rods, we check stretch on for short rod bolts out, reinstall new if needed , check rod ends
Hot wash crankshaft, magnaflux, check sizing, polish crankshaft
Assemble cylinder heads, check spring pressure, set spring heights and install new seals
File fit plasma moly rings, dial bore gauge main saddle, degree camshaft and check all clearances
Assemble to Complete engine ready to dyno with oil pressure check, adjust valves, check for leaks
Dyno Test and adjust engine for AFR and power output, Actual dyno sheet Provided with all settings
We include oil pressure, bsfc, engine temp, fuel pressure beginning to end of dyno pull always given
Inspect removable mesh from oil filter to verify engine perfection
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