BBC 598 or 632ci Basic Short Block

598 or 632ci BBC Basic Short Block


One price for all size BBC SD or TD short blocks. Machined from 4.5, 4.53, 4.56, or 4.6 bore sizes, these short blocks are rated to 1200hp and we use all 4340 internally balanced crank and H beam rods with JE or Wiseco Pro Series 10 to 15:1 pistons. (from $4695 to over $6000 with other competitors pricing and they always sell you upgrades because they claim the rotators they offer are inferior. These short blocks need only a top ring upgrade to be safe over 1000hp and up to 1200hp)

Dart Big M or World IV Splayed Main Cap Race Block • Bored on 4 Axis CNC Blue Printed Bore Centers • Radial Cleared on Blue Print Bore Centers • CNC 4 Axis 45° Square Decked Bank Angles From the Cam and Crank Center-line • Plate Honed to .0002″ Taper• Coated Cam Bearings, Brass or Stainless Steel Freeze Plugs • Assembled with the Rotator Listed

Eagle or Scat 4.500 or 4.750″ 4340 Internally Balanced Steel Crank­ ­• 6.700 or 6.800″ H-Beam Rods • JE or Wiseco Pro Series 4.500, 4.530, 4.560 or 4.600 x 1.120 10:1 for Street or Marine uses with up to 15:1 for Racing Applications N/A Pistons • Total Seal 1/16-1/16-3/16″ Plasma Moly Rings • Clevite or King Race Bearings

Available Upgrades

BRODIX-$4295 or DART Aluminum Block Fully 4 Axis CNC Raced Prepped Block
+ $3995.00
4.750 Stroke to 632ci upgrade
+ Included
WORLD IV Race Block w/Steel Billet Caps
+ $ 495.00
55mm Cam and .904 Lifter Bores Merlin III Block
+ $ 795.00
Scat or Eagle 4340 Internally Balanced Crank
+ $  95.00
K1 or Manley 4340 Crank
+ $ 175.00
Eagle H-Beam 3D Rods w/L19 Bolts
+ $ 175.00
K1 or Manley H Beam Rods with ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
+ $ 175.00
Callies H-Beam Rods with L19 Bolts
+ $ 495.00
JE or Wiseco “Quick 16” Gas Ported Coated Skirt Pistons w/.043 Top Ring Package
+ $ 175.00
JE or Wiseco “Quick 8 or 16” Nitrous Version Gas Ported Coated Skirt Pistons with 043 043 3.0 mm Ring Package
+ $ 295.00
Custom Forged 2618 JE or Wiseco 8:1 to 10:1 Dish Pistons for up to -40CC Dish for Lower Compression Ratios with Small Chamber Heads
+ $ 375.00
Total Seal TNT or Stainless Steel Severe Duty Ring Package (required over 1000hp) new lower pricing
+ $ 175.00
Trend or Precision Tool Steel Severe Duty .180″ Wall Wrist Pin Upgrade
+ $ 195.00
Fel Pro #1077 MLS Head Gaskets for Superior Head Gasket Seal
+ $ 225.00
Head Stud Kit Used For Plate Honing Your Block (from)
+ $ 125.00
Competition Cams .775″ Solid Roller Camshaft Kit Installed (DR Series Hyd Roller for Street or Drag no charge)
+ $ 595.00
Deluxe Short Block Kit (add $275 for ATI Damper)
+ $1395.00
Competition Cams DRST Racing Hydraulic Roller Lifters for Complete Long Short Block
+ $ 795.00
Comp Cams “HIPPO” Solid Roller Lifters for Complete Long Short Block
+ $ 595.00
ATI Super Damper Specific Fit Honed to Crank
+ $ 275.00

Cam Shaft Kit

Comp Cams .775″ Lift Custom Grind Roller Camshaft Installed

Cloyes Billet Timing Set with Torrington Roller Bearing

Degree Camshaft Professionally Install Parts Kit

Comp Cams Camshaft Button Installed

Comp Cams Lock Kit Installed

Deluxe Short Block Kit

Your Choice Cam Shaft Kit

Polished Aluminum Timing Cover

AwesomeEngines® Billet Timing Pointer

PRW SFI Internally Balanced Damper

Melling HP Oil Pump and Tig Welded Pick Up Tube

Moroso 7 Quart #20406 Drag Race Stroker Oil Pan Installed

Timing Cover, Front Seal and One Piece Rubber Stroker Oil Pan Gasket

Complete Assembly and Deluxe Kit Professionally Buttoned Up Nice and Neat!

This Complete Internally Balanced Short Block comes with Blue Print, Balance Sheet, Product Info, Stickers and Contingency Info

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