Ford 460 to 611ci Pro Street Short Block

Ford 460 to 611ci Street Heat Short Block


These short blocks are direct replacement Automotive or Marine grade Balanced and totally reconditioned better than new. Acceptable to 700hp with no power adders and are pump gas friendly with Brass or Stainless steel freeze plugs for Marine applications

Core Block Hot Tanked, 100% 4-Axis CNC Machined Bored ; Align Honed Check and Done if Needed • CNC Square Decked 90° From Crank and Cam Bar • Plate Honed to 4.390-4.440″ •  Hot Washed, Brass Freeze Plugs and Cam Bearings • Assembled with the Rotator Listed Below

4340 4.000 to 4.500″ Internally Balanced Steel Crank ­ ­• K1 6.800″ H Beam Rods with ARP 2000 Bolts • 8 to 11:1 Compression Mahle, JE Wiseco Forged Alloy Pistons • Moly Rings • Cam Bearings, King HP Race Main and Rod Bearings • Rear Main Seal Installed (4.440 bore x 4.600 stroke = 570ci)


100% CNC Race Prepped Brand New Hi-Performance FORD 2 Bolt Main Cap Block (when available)
+ $1495.00
Eliminator Sportsman Series 100% CNC Race Prepped High Performance Block
+ $2495.00
4340 4.600 Stroke Steel Crank with Eliminator Sportsman Block for 611ci (4.600 x4.600 x4.600 x 8 x .7854=611)
+ $2995.00
Callies 4.300-4.500-4.750 Magnum Series Cranks and up to 632ci Monster Ford Engines
+ $1495.00
Oliver Steel I Beam Rods with L19 Bolts
+ $ 995.00
Callies Ultra Series I Beam Rods with L19 Bolts
+ $1195.00
Hydraulic Flat Tappet up to .501″ Cam Shaft, Lifters and Timing Components Kit Installed
+ $ 475.00
Hydraulic or Solid Pro Street Roller Cam and Lifter Kit with Billet Professional 9 Keyway Indexable Timing Set
+ $ 975.00
Deluxe Short Block Kit Installed
+ $1295.00

Cam Shaft Kit

  1. COMPETITION CAMS Hydraulic Flat Tappet Cam Shaft up to .501″ Lift
  2. 16-Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters
  3. Double Roller Timing Set
  4. Camshaft Fastener Kit
  5. Degree Camshaft

Deluxe Short Block Kit

  1. COMPETITION CAMS .501″ Hydraulic Flat Tappet Cam Shaft Kit Installed
  2. Brand New Aluminum Timing Cover Kit Installed
  3. Melling Oil Pump Kit and Proper Pick Up Tube
  4. Moroso 7 Quart Correct Oil Pan Kit Installed
  5. New Harmonic Dampener TDC Verified
  6. All Gaskets to Finish
  7. Short Blocks Come with Blue Print and Balance Sheet, Product Info, Stickers and Contingency Information

    Some Components May Be Subject To Change of Equal Value Due To Availability. Free Freight Applies up to $200 on This Advertised Item Shipped To A Commercial Address or The UPS Terminal Closest To Your Zip Code For Pickup In The 48 States. Any Charges Over $200, Residential, Out-Of-Area, Lift Gate Service, Difficult Handling Fees, Extra Insurance, Apply If Requested.

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