Mopar 604ci RB Aluminum Magnum Short Block

604ci RB Aluminum Mopar Magnum Short Block


This is a direct replacement Street, Pro Street, Pump Gas or Drag Race brand new short block.  Up to 1400hp and can be 93° pump gas friendly if you choose. Compression can be changed to whatever you need it to be.

INDY RB 10.720″ Aluminum 4.800″ Bore Space 440-B4-MWB Block • 4-Axis CNC machine finished; CNC bored • CNC square decked 45° from crank and cam bar • Plate honed to 4.500″ • Hot washed, cam bearings installed • Assembled with the rotator listed below

Callies Steel Billet Magnum 4.750″ 4340 Internally Balanced 2.200 Crank ­ ­• Oliver I-Beam Steel 7.100″ Rods with L19 Rod bolts • 8:1 to 15:1 JE Wiseco Forged Pistons • Moly Rings • King H Main and Rod Bearings •


.220″ Precision Trend or JE Tool Steel Wrist Pin for Race Applications (plus needed heavy metal @$75 per slug)
+ $ 295.00
JE Wiseco 043/043/3.0 mm 2618 Forged Lightweight Pistons
+ $ 295.00
Total Seal SS, TNT or Hell Fire Rings
+ $ 195.00
Solid or Hyd Roller Cam, Degree Cam, Torrington Bearing Timing Kit
+ $ 795.00
Deluxe Short Block Kit Installed
+ $1895.00

Cam Shaft Kit

  1. Comp Cams Up To .800″ Lift Solid or .700 Hyd Camshaft or your choice!
  2. Cloyes 3 Bolt True Roller Timing Set (upgrade to Jesel Belt call)
  3. Degree Camshaft in to Proper Specifications
  4. Camshaft Fastener Kit Installed

Deluxe Short Block Kit

  1. Install the Above Cam Shaft Kit Properly, or your choice!
  2. Brand New Steel Chrome Timing Cover Kit Installed
  3. ATI Race Steel Harmonic Damper TDC Verified
  4. M63HV Oil Pump Kit and Proper Pick Up
  5. Moroso 7 Quart Pro Street Oil Pan

  6. All Gaskets to Finish

Short Blocks Come with Blue Print, Balance Sheet, Product Information, Stickers Information

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