Pontiac 400-428-455 Blocks

Pontiac 400-428-455ci Blocks

AwesomeEngines® Pontiac reconditioned blocks start with good cores with no cracks ever being repaired. Blocks are hot tanked, checked for any imperfections, threads are re-tapped or corrected with time certs, main cap and saddles are inspected, corrected if needed, then align honed, CNC square deck surfaces 45 -45° from the cam and crank, bored up to .060″ over if needed, honed to perfection, hot washed, cam bearings, brass freeze plugs installed. After done, dimensional specifications near perfect and it is a great block better than new. Can be radial cleared for up to a 4¾” stroke with steel rods.

Blocks Ready For Assembly

400ci 2 Bolt Main Block Fully CNC Race Prepped to a .030″  Over Finish Bore
428/455ci 4 Bolt Main Block Fully CNC Race Prepped to a .030″ Finish Bore
Hard Block ¾” Fill to Stiffen up Cylinder Walls, Improve Ring Seal and Make More Power
$ 295.00
Finish Deck to any Special Height you Need
$ 150.00
Finish Bore to any Size You Need Larger
$ 100.00
Radial Clearance for 4.500″ Stroke w/Steel Rods 4.180 x 4.5 = 494ci
Radial Clearance for 4.750″ Stroke w/Steel Rods 4.180 x 4.75  = 521ci
$ 300.00
Paint Engine Block Black or Pontiac Stock Colors
$ 75.00

All Race Ready Blocks Come Ready to Assemble, Just Minor Rinse and Assemble

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