Pro-Filer BBC Sniper X Heads

Sniper Big Block Chevy 24 Degree Head PN 174X Series

Sniper 174X-24° CNC Ported Big Block Chevy Cylinder Heads


One of the Best heads available for Conventional Port Rules
  • Accepts up to 1.625 O.D. Springs
  • Ends Drilled and Tapped for accessories
  • Bronze guides for reduced stem wear
  • Made in the U.S.A. 100%
  • PAC RACING .900″ Lift Valve Spring, Titanium Retainer Kit
  • 2.3-355cc 2.350-375cc Stainless Steel Intake Valves
  • 1.850 Stainless Steel Exhaust Valve
  • Special Spring Bases to Center Valve Spring Correctly
  • Competition Cams 10° lash cap style locks
  • PC style steel case Viton valve guide seals
  • ProFiler 50° rolled radius valve job
  • 100% CNC Ported
  • Completely assembled and ready to race
  • Bare cnc castings available for do it yourself $2695.00
The Sniper X cylinder head is the latest BBC head offered in the Sniper Series. Designed with the most up to date technology available, the Sniper X head flows over 460cfm on a 375cc runner and over 325cfm on the exhaust! USA soundest castings available with months of developing the best port and chamber for a 24º head.
All heads are 100% CNC ported including the chamber and features a 5 angle valve job. The Sniper X uses standard BBC parts for Stud mounted rockers or Jesel, T&D, .350 long intake valves; .100 long exhaust valves; and standard pistons.

Sniper X Specifications

Material: Aerospace Specification, A356 Aluminum Alloy (Primary Virgin Ingot)
Valve Angle: 24 Degree (rolled two degrees)
Intake Ports:Rectangle-Shaped, Fully CNC 375cc
Intake Port Design – Modified Oval Port located .485 – .490 off deck (stock)
Intake Port Flow: 375cc = 481 cfm @1.000
Combustion Chamber: CNC – 119cc (Milled 105cc)New design to promote wet-flow and efficiency!
Valve Spring Pocket: 1.625″ Maximum (no deeper)
Bore Spacing: Standard BBC 4.840
Exhaust Valve: Std Location 1.800″ – 1.850″ / +.100 long
Intake Valve: Std Location 2.350″ / +.350 long
Deck Thickness: 1/2″ deck for Nitrous and Blown applications
Spark Plugs: Revised location to improve flame travel. Use Gasketed 3/4″ Reach Plugs NGK R5671A-7 or colder.
Valve Job: 50 Degree High Performance
Valve Guides: Manganese Bronze Alloy .502″ OD
Valve Seats: Steel (Standard) or Copper Alloy.
Valve Train: Uses Stock Style stud mounted, JESEL or T&D Shaft Rkrs.
Engine Size Recommendation: 565+ / 8000 RPM
Application: High Performance (i.e. strip/marine). Pistons: Uses Standard BBC Pistons
Head Bolts/Studs: Requires 1″ longer head bolt next to exhaust ports.
Intake Manifold – All conventional manifolds will bolt right up (Some port matching may be required).
Accessories – Heads drilled and taped for standard accessories (alternator)

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