SBC 327ci 325 Hp Engine Special

SBC 327 ci 325 Hp 1967 Engine Special


1967 Blueprinted and Balanced Small Journal 327 Block with Oil Canister, cooked, cnc bored .057″, plate honed to 4.060, cnc square decked to 9.010″, serial # is  clearly visible. Cam bearings, brass block and all oil galley plugs installed, hot washed with # matching 1967 heads, Painted Chevrolet orange, Completely assembled, Dyno tested and tuned

9.010″ Deck | .060″ over 4.060″ Bore 337 ci | 3.250″ Stroke |5.700″ Rods | 325 Hp @ 5000 rpm


  • GM  327 1967 Date Coded Reconditioned Block
  • GM Head Bolt Kit Plate Honed with Block
  • Durabond Cam Bearings and Block Small Parts Kit
  • GM Internally Balanced Matching Steel Reconditioned Crank Shaft
  • GM Matching # 5.7″ Rods Reconditioned with 11/32″ ARP Rod Bolts
  • King Main and Rod Bearings
  • Stock Replacement Cast Aluminum Flat Top Pistons
  • Hastings Chrome Moly Ring Set
  • Competition Cams 268 HE 12-210-2 Camshaft
  • Delphi Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters
  • Double Roller Timing Chain and Gear Set
  • GM Steel Timing Cover and TDC Pointer
  • GM Harmonic Dampener

  • GM 1967 Date Coded Matching Double Hump Reconditioned Heads
  • New Valve Guides, Hardened Exhaust Seats, Replacement Valves
  • HP 1.270″ Springs, Retainer and Lock Kit
  • Complete Performance Engine Gasket Rebuild Kit
  • 7.900″ Chrome Moly Push Rods
  • Elgin New 1.5 Ratio Rocker Arms
  • AwesomeEngines® CNC Engraved Logo Valve Covers
  • M55 Complete Oil Pump Kit with Welded Pick Up
  • GM 5 Quart Oil Pan, Lucas Break in Oil, Gold Napa Filter
  • Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold
  • Edelbrock 500 cfm Carburetor, Electric Choke Dyno Tuned
  • HEI GM Distributor 8.5 mm Wires and NGK Plugs
  • AwesomeEngines® Free 48 State Freight


Forged Speed Pro Flat Top Pistons and Moly High Performance Ring Set
+ $$ 295.00
Will Install a Hydraulic Roller Cam and Lifters Before I Dyno Test the Engine. Will be assembling this Very Soon
+ $ 495.00
Ready to Run MSD Billet One Wire Distributor, Coil, Coil Bracket and Coil Wire Dyno Tested and Tuned
+ $ 395.00

Dyno Tested & Tuned with 89° Fuel • HP Corrected To Sea Level

Free Freight Applies Up to $250 for Engine Shipped to a Commercial Address or Terminal Closest to Your Zip Code for Pickup 48 States

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