SBC 350 to 440ci Pro Bracket Rotators

SBC 350 to 440ci Pro Bracket Rotators


K1 or Manley 3.480 to 4.000″ 350 or 400 Main 4340 Internally Balanced 1800 Gram Bob Weight Crank • K1 Steel Billet or Manley H Beam 5.700 to 6.000″ Rods with ARP 2000 Bolts • JE or Wiseco Professional Series .043/.043/3.0 mm 2618 Alloy up to 15:1 Compression Pistons (cc, stroke, bore and deck height determines final compression ratio) • Oil Rail Supports • Plasma Moly File to Fit Rings • King Race Bearings • Balance Sheet, Product Information Included


JE or Wiseco 18° 15° 13° 12° Little Quick 16 Gas Ported Coated Skirt .043/.043/3.0 mm Pistons and Rings
+ $ 350.00
JE GFX, Total Seal Stainless Steel, TNT® or Hell Fire Rings
+ $ 175.00
Heavy Metal for Balancing if Needed with any other than Rotator Combination; (per slug installed)
+ $   75.00
ATI Super Dampener Specific Honed to Fit Your Crank Snout Used Per ATI Instructions
+ $ 375.00
TCI SFI Ultra Flex-plate Internally Balanced in House
+ $ 125.00

Don’t be fooled by other look alike kits with a cheaper price. Our Pro Series rotator kits come with 40 years of experience and  name brand components like K1, Manley, JE, Wiseco, ARP 2000 Rod bolts, Clevite or King H-series rod and main bearings.

Ground shipping to the 48 states is rated on your zip code from USPS or UPS to get it from me to you safely, call for exact shipping cost

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