342 or 364ci Ford Magnum Short Block

342 or 364ci Ford Magnum Short Block


Take Your Pick of Bore Sizes of 4.000 or 4.125″ • Dart or World Products Splayed Cap 8.200 Race Block • 4-Axis CNC Machined Bored Perfect 4.380″ Bore Centers • Perfect 45° Bank Angles • Dart Coated Cam Bearings, Brass Plugs • Professionally Assembled with the Rotator Listed

Callies Magnum 3.400″ Internally Balanced 4340 Steel Crank ­ ­• Oliver I Beam Rods • JE or Wiseco 8:1 to 14:1 Pistons • 043-043-3.0 mm Plasma Moly Rings • 170″ Wall Wrist Pins • Clevite or King Race Bearings


Dart Aluminum Fully CNC Race Prepped on our in-House Centroid Block Machining Center
+ $4275.00
Callies Ultra I Beam Rods with L19 Rod Bolts
+ $ 275.00
 374ci 4.185″ Max Big Bore, Pistons, Rings and Balanced
+ $ 675.00
JE GFX, Total Seal Stainless Steel, TNT or Hell Fire Rings
+ $ 195.00
Total Seal Tool Steel Top Rings
+ $ 275.00
Precision Tool Steel .200″ Wall Wrist Pins (heavy metal may be required)
+ $ 195.00
Heavy metal per slug for balancing Crank for Proper Bob Weight for Particular Application(from)
+ $ 75.00
Jesel Belt Drive System
+ $1475.00
Isky Red Zone EZ Roll Bushed Lifters
+ $1475.00
Camshaft Kit Below
+ $ 775.00
Deluxe Short Block Kit Below
+ $1775.00

Cam Shaft Kit

Competition Cams .750″ Lift Custom Steel Billet Roller Camshaft

Cloyes True Roller with Black Chain, Torrington Roller Bearing

Degree Cam Shaft to Proper Specifications

Deluxe Short Block Kit

Competition Cams .750″ Lift Custom Billet Roller Camshaft Kit Listed

New Ford Aluminum Timing Cover Installed and Cam End Play Set

ATI Super Damper Specific Hone to Fit Snout as Required .001″

ATI Black Billet Adjustable Timing Pointer TDC Verified

Moroso HV Oil Pump Kit and Proper Pick Up Tube Kit

Moroso or Canton Eliminator Oil Pan and Kick-out

Timing Cover and Fel Pro Oil Pan Gaskets

Short Blocks Come with a Blue Print and Balance Sheet, Product Information Directions are Included

Free Freight Applies to this Item Ship to a Commercial Address or the Terminal Closest for your Zip Code for Pickup in the 48 States

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