363ci Ford Bullet Short Block

363ci Ford Bullet Short Block


Dart 31384275 8.200″ Iron Eagle Steel Billet Splayed Cap 4.125″ Bore Race Block • 100% CNC Centroid 4-Axis Machined • Dart Coated Cam Bearings • Stainless Steel or Brass Freeze Plug Kit • Viton Rear Main Seal • Professionally Assembled with the Rotator Listed Below

K1 or Manley 3.400″ Internally Balanced 4340 Steel Crank ­ ­• K1 Steel Billet H-Beam Rods with ARP 2000 Rod Bolts • JE or Wiseco 13:1 Forged Pro Series Pistons • 043″/043″/3.0 mm Moly Rings • 170″ Wall Steel Wrist Pins • King “HP” Bearings


Machine Block for any Larger Bore Size (each .030+ $125.00)
+ $ 125.00
Dart Aluminum Light Weight Race Block
+ $4000.00
Callies or Crower USA Series Style Crank Internally Balanced With Heavy Metal Included
+ $1600.00
Oliver I Beam Rods with L19 Bolts
+ $ 800.00
Callies Ultra I Beam Rods with L19 Bolts
+ $1000.00
Tool Steel .200″ Wall 8310 Severe Duty Wrist Pins: (will require two slugs of heavy metal for the heavier pins to balance correctly with USA crank)
+ $ 400.00
Total Seal Stainless Steel, TNT or Hell Fire Rings
+ $ 200.00

Short Block Comes with Blue Print and Balance Sheet, Product Information, Stickers and all Contingency Information

Freight Charges Applicable at Cost Shipped to Commercial Address or Terminal for Zip Code for Pickup in the 48 States

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