427ci Ford Bullet Short Block

427ci Ford Bullet Short Block


Dart 31385235 9.500″ Iron Eagle Steel Billet Splayed Cap 4.125″ Bore Race Block • 100% CNC Centroid 4-Axis Machined • Dart Coated Cam Bearings • Stainless Steel or Brass Freeze Plug Kit • Viton Rear Main Seal • Professionally Assembled with the Rotator Listed Below

K1 or Manley 4.000″ Internally Balanced 4340 Steel Crank ­ ­• K1 Steel Billet H-Beam Rods with ARP 2000 Rod Bolts • JE or Wiseco 14:1 Forged Pro Series Pistons • 043″/043″/3.0 mm Moly Rings • 170″ Wall Steel Wrist Pins • King “HP” Bearings


Machine Block for any Larger Bore Size (each .030+ $125.00)
+ $ 125.00
Dart Aluminum Light Weight Race Block
+ $4000.00
Callies or Crower USA Series Style Crank Internally Balanced With Heavy Metal Included
+ $1600.00
Oliver I Beam Rods with L19 Bolts
+ $ 800.00
Callies Ultra I Beam Rods with L19 Bolts
+ $1000.00
Tool Steel .200″ Wall 8310 Severe Duty Wrist Pins: (will require two slugs of heavy metal for the heavier pins to balance correctly with USA crank)
+ $ 400.00
Total Seal Stainless Steel, TNT or Hell Fire Rings
+ $ 200.00

Short Block Comes with Blue Print and Balance Sheet, Product Information, Stickers and all Contingency Information

Free Freight up to $200 Shipped to a commercial address or a terminal closest to your zip code for a pickup in the 48 states

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