Pontiac 455 to 578ci Magnum Rotators

Pontiac 455 to 578ci Magnum Rotators


Crower 4340 Internally Balanced 4.25-4.35-4.500-4.750″ Crank • Callies Ultra H-Beam 4330M Timken Steel Rods, ARP H-11 Bolts • Diamond, JE Wiseco 14:1 Forged 4.155 to 4.400″ Bore Size Pistons • Oil Rail Supports Included • Total Seal Plasma Moly Rings • King or Mahle-Clevite Race Bearings • Detailed Balance Sheet with Product Information


XL 4.25-4.35 4.500-4.750″ U.S.A. 4340 Crankshaft (heavy metal is not included will go by daily pricing)
+ $1275.00
Callies Ultra Series I Beam Steel Rods with L 19 Bolts
+ $  295.00
Diamond, JE, Wiseco Custom Pistons
+ $  395.00
Total Seal SS, TNT® or Hell Fire Rings
+ $  195.00
JE .240″ Wall Tool Steel Wrist Pins (will need more Mallory)
+ $  295.00
Heavy Metal for Balancing (per slug)
+ $  100.00

Callies, Crower, Diamond, JE, Wiseco, ARP, Clevite, King, Total Seal Suppliers are Best Internals in the Business

Ground shipping in the 48 states is rated on zip code from FedEx, UPS or USPS  to get it from me to you, call with zip code for exact shipping cost

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